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Explore the future!

Navigating the Scenery allows you to explore the Trends through video-concepts, images, music, colors and maps.
An updated operating tool with more than 500 images, 100 links, 40 music, 60 videoclips.

After the purchase you will receive personal credentials to access the site and navigate immediately
among the trends
you’ll also get a gift Report of the EPub format Scenario to download and browse online.


“Il Chiodo d’Oro” è il titolo dello Scenario TEA® giunto al suo 18° anno e utilizzato dai team di innovazione, comunicazione e ricerca&sviluppo delle maggiori imprese italiane.

The Scenario WEB site

The 10 trends of the Scenario are summarised and presented through a Web site dedicated to access with multimedia content.
For each trend it offers a collection of links to the most interesting sources and case histories.
An online, updated and resource -rich operating toolfor:

  • Check the stylistic consistency of new products and new messages at any time
  • utilizzare direttamente la raccolta di materiali (oltre 500 immagini, 100 link, 40 brani musicali, 60 videoclip)
  • Gather insights through new concepts and new keywords
  • Deepen the case histories

the TEA Scenario describes 10 trends, which tell the transformations in place in the main dimensions of living.
Trends describe social changes, emerging phenomena, the new sensitivities of the population and translate them into tools for innovation:

  • What are the nascent needs and needs
  • What are the new keywords
  • What is the strongest imaginary
  • Where are the new niches
  • What are the new markets and the most promising opportunities
  • What are the content, graphics and colors that most engage new consumers

The TEA® Scenario is a metasearch, which summarizes and finds a synthesis among the best researches carried out by universities, study centres, international companies on topics such as New technologies, economics, science; The best thought production on Anthropological and social phenomena and the best production of imaginary in art and creative production.