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Read the future!

What values, such as insight, drive consumer behaviors and people’s choices?
How to develop products that respond to emerging values?

10th Trends of the future, described by identifying the constituent characters of each: colors, graphics, materials, keywords, values, case histories.

A repertoire of tools to devise and develop new products and new strategies.


“Future vs Future” is the title of the TEA Scenario in its 19th year and used by the innovation, communication and research teams & development of major Italian companies.

Trends describe social changes, emerging phenomena, the new sensibilities of the people of the future and translate them into tools for innovation:

  • What are the nascent needs and needs
  • What are the new keywords
  • What is the strongest imaginary
  • Where are the new niches
  • What are the new markets and the most promising opportunities
  • What are the content, graphics and colors that most engage new consumers

Every product, good of consumption or communication, consists in a particular configuration of visual, tactile, functional and valorials/narrative elements.
The aim is to derive a repertoire of instruments that can be used in the design and development of new consumer and communication goods.

The TEA® Scenario is a metasearch, which summarizes and finds a synthesis among the best researches carried out by universities, study centres, international companies on topics such as New technologies, economics, science; The best thought production on Anthropological and social phenomena and the best production of imaginary in art and creative production.