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Read the future!
The Scenario Report describes 10 trends, which tell the transformations in place in the main dimensions of living.
Conosci i profili valoriali, le necessità nascenti e le nuove cartelle colori.




“Il Chiodo d’oro” is the title of the TEA Scenario reached its 18th year and used by the innovation, communication and research teams & development of major Italian companies.

Trends describe social changes, emerging phenomena, the new sensibilities of the people of the future and translate them into tools for innovation:

  • What are the nascent needs and needs
  • What are the new keywords
  • What is the strongest imaginary
  • Where are the new niches
  • What are the new markets and the most promising opportunities
  • What are the content, graphics and colors that most engage new consumers

Every product, good of consumption or communication, consists in a particular configuration of visual, tactile, functional and valorials/narrative elements.
The aim is to derive a repertoire of instruments that can be used in the design and development of new consumer and communication goods.

The TEA® Scenario is a metasearch, which summarizes and finds a synthesis among the best researches carried out by universities, study centres, international companies on topics such as New technologies, economics, science; The best thought production on Anthropological and social phenomena and the best production of imaginary in art and creative production.