TEA’s scenarios describe 10 upcoming trends

They are a tool to:

  • uncover new interpretative paths and make sense of the changes that are taking place in our society.
  • Distinguish the populations’ most common behaviours and underline upcoming awarnesses.
  • Foresee the impact that these will have on the people’s choices and actions.

Every product, consumer good or communication, exists in a particular set of visual, tactile, functional, narrative and value-based elements.
As a result, trends are described through what ultimately identifies them: colours, grafics, materials, key-words, values and case histories: a collection of tools fundamental to the design and development of new products and strategies.
The research ultimately maps the upcoming perceptions and the values which guide people’s choices and actions, with a significant focus on consumer behaviours.


Tools to discover the future:


uno strumento di consultazione completo con tutti i riferimenti, cartelle colori e mappe


l'accesso al sito offre una completa immersione nei temi e in tutti i suoi materiali, sempre disponibili online


format d’aula e speech per un’interazione con i ricercatori, la condivisione del metodo e una comprensione più approfondita


le 10 tendenze dello Scenario raccontate da Domenico Fucigna in 11 videoclip: un percorso multisensoriale nelle tendenze

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The ultimate goal is to grasp the openings and opportunities that are being shaped by nowadays market and give clarity to a future that all too often seems fluid and chaotic. This perceived chaos is nothing but the result of the rapid obsolescence which is grasping today’s market, making the classical cognitive and interpretative tools unusable.

Foresee taste and choices 

The Scenario describes a possible order: it offers tools to identify new opportunities and develop products that are closer to the real needs of the consumers, often misunderstood or unexpressed. Today’s consumer predominantly chooses the products that he feels best represent his true ideas and understanding of the world.

scenari obiettivi
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The ultimate challenge is to understand, define, share, follow and answer the various mentalities that populate today’s global market.
The ability to read emerging events, comprehend the complex forces that shape change, and visualize alternative scenarios is of utmost importance for any kind of business. These skills are what allows companies to seize the vast opportunities that emerge at the brink of a crisis.